Puppy Love

Would it be weird to say that the smell of a young pup is the same as a baby child? Less the hair up your nose and a flea or two. We have a 10 week old puppy. I’ve never had a dog from this early on before and the sleepless nights, the crying when you walk out of the room, the need for quiet and calm and the never ending pee/poo cycle is oh so familiar. But that smell; it’s oddly reminiscent of inhaling that magical scent of one of my boys while they were nestled into my arms having a nap. And then doing it again. Suppose it doesn’t say much about the smell of my boys.

The new addition to our crazy life is Rusty. Rusty dog was named in honor of Husband’s dog at university; the one who was lost by his flatmate one night, and said flatmate was excommunicated from his life forever. Cut to 30 years later and a new Rusty dog is bouncing all over our family. Scarlet, however, is not amused. She sort of tolerates this new bundle of energy but makes sure through growling and dog ‘mouthing’ that she is the Alpha Dog. I thought I was supposed to be the Alpha Dog? The housekeeper who is usually persona non-grata with Scarlett was all of a sudden overwhelmed with affection and love from her. I had to laugh at the dance routine Scarlet was now performing for all who enter our domain to demand attention.

The trainer came over the other day for the boys and I to learn a few tips. Ten minutes in, my little one started a chase game around the house that made both dogs go completely mental. I started to sweat with embarrassment pretending that I was in complete control – not of the dogs, of course, but of my son! I couldn’t get him to sit still until I finally growled at him and used human ‘mouthing’ (mouthing the word sit-the-crap-down) and he finally acquiesced…barely. Then boredom set in and three out of four sons left to go upstairs and play with their balls…soccer balls. See, no real difference between puppies and children.

I do love him, though. Yes, my son as well, but this little puppy. He’s exhausting and demanding for sure but there is something so sweet about the look in his eyes every single time I walk into the room. I’m a friggin rock star in his world! My boys’ eyes still light up every once in a while, but it usually takes my standing there for a lot longer than a minute for them to notice.

It’s been a great tool as well, having this puppy. Our family routine became just that, pretty routine, in terms of the animals and the boy’s chores. The cat either gets virtually ignored or gets fed seven times a day and sleeps in someone’s bed. Scarlet gets walked by me and poo picked up by boys after some loud reminders. “I’m giving this dog back to the pound if you don’t pick up her poo right NOW!!!” comes to mind….Every book you read – I don’t read them, frankly, tangent, I don’t think I’ve ever read a single book through to the end on child rearing, sleep training or how to talk to a teenage – says that giving kids chores and responsibilities around the house makes them appreciate their life and honor their household more. I actually agree whole-heartedly with that notion and thus the puppy gives me numerous opportunities to grind those ideas into their gorgeous skulls.

I’m such a great mom. Oh shit, the dog just peed on my carpet. Boys!!!!!

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