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A Day In The Life

This was the first week I actually felt like we were here.  School and all its paperwork, carpools, packed lunches and new names has all finally settled down into a strange system that doesn’t involve too much anxiety.  There’s still … Continue reading

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In The House

Well, not my house exactly, but close.  It was the first day of school for three out of my four boys and anxiety levels were high.  For a start, we all had to wake with a ‘6’ in the hours … Continue reading

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If It’s On The List

It wasn’t a big moment, a huge gesture or a cry out for anything.  In fact, it could have been easily missed.  But today I had the pleasure of ‘the look’, from him to me, that always says it all.  … Continue reading

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Denise Dorrance

Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation for the amazing illustrations that transform these pages.  Denise has her own website and is not only hugely talented, but is a source of inspiration for me.

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