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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

I can hear our neighbor next door.  He is laughing out loud in his garden and his voice is deep and manly.  I remember a time when I would see him every day we were here, school or no school.  … Continue reading

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Three Cracked Heads, Two Broken Bones, One Concussion…

The room was purposefully sterile.  One window looking out onto the road, a small TV set high up in the corner wall with a fuzzy picture playing cartoons.  The bed took up most of the space – pulled white sheets, … Continue reading

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The Call

I’m feeling very pensive, a bit lost in my emotional world.  I feel sensitive, raw and a bit bitchy.  I wonder why today is so different in outlook than, say, yesterday.  Then I remember, like a long lost thought, confusion … Continue reading

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