Writer Jennifer Hamm is from Beverly Hills and has lived between LA and London since 1994.  She began writing over 20 years ago in the worlds of film, tv, travel and magazines.  Jennifer has been class rep for her four boys at least 8 times, and counting…

Illustrator Denise Dorrance lived in New York before moving to London. Her sharply ironic cartoons and elegant illustrations appear regularly in magazines and newspapers. www.denisedorrance.com

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  1. Sally Vella says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Vivienne sent me your postings and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. You have a wonderful sence of humor and you are a very talented writer. I would love to be added to your list.
    Sally Vella

  2. Joy Maxwell-Davis says:


  3. Tracey Hyde says:

    Another wonderful read full of your unique pearls of wisdom….keep them coming

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