Cats and Dogs

I never knew how much I loved my dog until we got our cat. Kitten, actually. I emphasize that for two reasons: first, they are supposed to be trainable and secondly, it needs friggin training! Husband and I are dog people. What that means for us is that we enjoy having a pet that you can exchange emotions with, one that you can understand and interact with, a pet that you can take out for a poo.

It was Husband’s idea to say yes to the kitten when we went to our friend’s house and they showed us their four, brand new kittens. All of our boys fell in love and I must admit, they were pretty darn cute. How could you say no to an 8 inch fluffy toy?? Easily, my mom would say. My mom came over, btw, and had a complete disco freak out announcing she was allergic to our black magic cat called Ziggy (yes, as in Marley). She is so not allergic but is also not a cat person so I secretly understand. I’m desperately trying to connect to our newest addition and my boys study my reactions to make sure I’m not going to secretly leave the door open to the vast amounts of cayotes that await their daily prey. Ziggy follows me around everywhere, which is sweet, I guess. He sleeps during the day and drives my dog crazy by night. Scarlet thinks we’re devilish by making them sleep together in the garage, that’s where the animals belong at night says Husband…she looks exhausted every morning!

They sleep in the garage for one very good reason: poo. One morning Husband and I were trying to get over our cat annoyances and bond with our new kitty, and began playing with him on our bed. He was doing tumble flips and really showing off his minx skills when all of a sudden, Ziggy paused…and pooped…all over our duvet cover. Funny how no one ever mentions cats can do this – they’re soooo independent, you won’t have to do anything – until you say it happened and THEN they admit, ‘yes, well, yes, they can mark their territory and indeed spray all over your house if you’re not careful’. What????!!!! How are you meant to monitor their peeing when it blends into the litter and the litter stinks like pee to begin with!

I will say one thing, Ziggy licks himself all the time. The only time Scarlet ever licks herself is to, well, you know. I suppose if I could bend that low…

Moving on, it’s the week of the Yurt. I began the series in my yurt a few days ago with Cari, the most restorative, incredible yoga instructor I’ve had. She’s a dear friend who now lives in New York and I took the opportunity to initiate – activate – the space with her tuition. The first class was filled with a massive easterly wind blowing off the sea, howling around the walls of the circle as Cari’s voice guided us through poses and meditation. I cried during meditation, and so did my sister and my friend, as the center of ourselves were awakened. As Cari put it later, when you emotionally react to meditating, it’s probably because you tap into your inner self and realize you haven’t seen Her for a long time. Tomorrow is session two and already I’m finding that space to focus on, again.

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